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The most important match:
Legia Warszawa vs. Lech Poznan 1:0, 01.06.2004. Despite defeat in a rematch, at the stadium at Łazienkowska Street we celebrated with Lech winning the Polish Cup.
Legia Warszawa vs. Zagłębie Lubin 1:2, 26.05.2007. We again sealed the national trophy with the team at Łazienkowska Street. This time victory in the match with Legia in the last round of the season led us to the Polish championship.

The most fondly remembered match:
Arka Gdynia vs. Jagiellonia Białystok, 13.08.2003. The delivery of  my second son, Jakub, started during the halftime of this match.

The most badly remembered match:
Legia Warszawa – Lech Poznań in the Polish Cup, 18.05.2005. The own goal in the 90. minute eliminated my team from the further participation in this football tournament.

The best football player with whom I played in one team:
Mariusz Piekarski and Paweł Kryszałowicz

The best football players with whom I worked:
Dariusz Dudka and Marcin Burkhardt (Amica II Wronki), Piotr Reiss and Bartosz Bosacki (Lech Poznań), Maciej Iwański and Manuel Arboleda (Zagłębie Lubin), Dariusz Żuraw and Dariusz Ulanowski (Arka Gdynia)

The most important coach’s dream:
Leading the Polish national team

The best coach:
Rafael Benitez’s attachment of great significance to tactics and details; Jose Mourinho’s great charisma and self-confidence; Juergen Klinsmann’s enthusiasm and Felix Magath’s power of personality. I would like to combine these personality traits as a coach.

The best coach with whom I cooperated:
Stanisław Gzil (Belgium)
Grzegorz Polakow

The best football players to train:
The married ones  – you do not need to keep an eye on them because instead of a coach this job is done by their wives.

The best event that I participated in:
The European Championships 2008. The adventure of my life. During the European Championships I had a month stay in Austria with a great team of commentators set up by Polsat and Mateusz Borek.

The most interesting journey: 
The United States of America. The stay there was my dream that came true thanks to kindliness and the invitation from the representatives of the Chicago Eagles club, that is Jacek Tyszka and Tomek Drążek. I experienced the life over the ocean and met many wonderful people.

The best friend from a football pitch:
The whole team of the former Amika Wronki – among others, Mirosław Siara, Mirosław Kalita, Grzegorz Wódkiewicz, Paweł Kryszałowicz. We still stick together.

The best sports commentator:
Mateusz Borek

The best radio journalist:
Tomasz Zimoch

The best sports journalist (press):
Krzysztof Stanowski

The best journalist – a feature writer:
Tomasz Lis

The best sports portal:,

The best book:
“Crime and Punishment” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky
“From Here to Eternity” – James Jones
"Warto Być Przyzwoitym" - prof. Władysław Bartoszewski
„No Substitute for Victory” – Theodore Kinni and Donna Kinni
“The Reader” – Bernhard Schlink

The best car:
VW, Mercedes, BMW, Audi – all German automobile productions

The most interesting film:
"Les yeux dans les Bleus" (film about France victory in the World Cup 1998)
"Any Given Sunday"
"The Miracle of Bern"
"Droga po Puchar" (about Lech Poznan victory in the Polish Cup in 2004)

The thing that annoys me most:
Stupidity, jealousy, envy, in which we are unrivalled in the whole world.

The programme that annoys me most:
I know, but I will not reveal. I will not give it bad publicity.

The greatest surprise:
Morning weighing :)


Quote of the Week

"A boy will not become a football player if his dad drives him to the training, picks him up after it and washes his shorts and shirt. This way you will not mould a character"

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