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Important dates:
20.06.1998 – married Grażyna Rzewuska
20.01.2001 – the date of birth of the son Mateusz
13.08.2003 – the date of birth of the son Jakub

I met my wife after the high school. We studied together at the Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk.  When we got married in 1998 we had known each other for 7 years. I met Grażyna thanks to her father with whom I played football.

Our first son, Mateusz, was born in 2001 and two years later the second one, Jakub, was born.  Mateusz was born in Poznań at Polna Street and even today he is firmly attached to this city. I always repeat that what connects me and Mateusz is the fact that he was born in Poznan and I was born there as a coach. In Poznan I got my first chance and I will always remember about it. Jakub in turn was born in Gdynia. The delivery of the child started during the halftime of the match between Jagiellonia and Arka in the second division. Bearing in mind that Mateusz was born in the day of my departure with the Amika’s reserves for the training camp in Polanica, me and my wife laugh over the fact that football is still closely connected with the very important events in our life


Quote of the Week

"A boy will not become a football player if his dad drives him to the training, picks him up after it and washes his shorts and shirt. This way you will not mould a character"

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