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Coach » Amica Wronki (1999-2003)

07.2002 – 03.2003 Amica Wronki (ekstraklasa - top division)
  Position: coach assistant
  2003: 6th place in the division
07.1999 – 07.2002 Amica Wronki II (druga liga)
  Position: first coach
  2002: 1st place in the division
2001: 3rd place in the division
2000: 5th place in the division


I started my career as a coach in 1999, when I was just 29 years old. It was a valuable experience for me. I worked in a well-organized club with a great training infrastructure. I could use all of the modern technological solutions that are used during trainings in the best Western clubs. Working at Amica Wronki also gave me the opportunity to watch very good coaches working for the club at that time.  It doesn’t surprise me that so many coaches from the Ekstraklasa clubs, but not only (Paweł Janas, Stefan Majewski, Maciej Skorża, Marek Bajor, Jurij Sztatałow, Jerzy Cyrak) come from the Wronki circle. Amica was an ideal place for the development of coaches.

The Amica Wronki team was taken over by Stefan Majewski in the spring of 1999. After the end of the season, there were further changes in the club and Majewski together with Paweł Janas offered me to lead the second team of Amica. The team played in the 3rd division at that time. They decided that as I have finished studies getting a MA degree in Physical Education and I am a second class coach I should handle it. I combined this function with the role of the second goalkeeper of the first division team of Amica and sometimes I substituted Jarek Stróżyński as the first team goalkeeper.

Initially, in the Amica II Wronki team I was a playing coach. In my team, there were young players with whom I trained every day and footballers who didn’t get into the squad of the first team. From the beginning of the 2001/2002 season I focused only on being the coach of the second team, while a lot younger Maciej Mielcarz became the reserve goalkeeper of Amica.

I remember the first match as a coach way too good. It was an away game in Swinoujscie with Flota. The game was to start at 11 o’clock, and we set out to the seaside at 3.30 pm, so we could "fit into" the morning ferry crossing to Swinoujscie. I lost the game 3:6. It was my brutal encounter with the coaching reality. At the end of the season we were on the 3rd place in the division.

The prominent older juniors from Maciej Skorza’s team took their first steps in the senior football under my tutelage. During the three years of my work, there were many players in my team that later on joined the first team, the junior national team or even the senior national team. Some of them have been playing there even until now. Among my players were such people as:

  • Dariusz Dudka
    Dariusz joined the reserves of Amica straight from the younger juniors being only 16 years old. He needed parents consent to play on the senior level.
  • Marcin Burkhardt
    Thanks to Marcin’s goal in the last match of the 2001/2002 season we won the 3rd division, but due to the rules we couldn’t be promoted to a higher division.
  • Marcin Kikut
  • Dawid Kucharski
  • Jarosław Bieniuk
  • Maciej Mielcarz
  • Robert Bednarek
  • Szymona Sawala
  • Tomasz Lisowski
  • Karol Gregorek
  • Hubert Wołąkiewicz

Working with the reserves of Amica Wronki was my first experience as a senior team coach. It lasted for three full seasons, and in the last one we finished as leaders of the 3rd division. I was included into the coaching team of the first team led by the coach Mirosław Jabłóński, as a reward for achieving that success.

The work in the first team not only did give me the opportunity to watch the main coach work, but also to get knowledge and foreign experience on various internships and training trips. The assumption of Wojciech Kaszyński, Amica’s president at that time was that, after the coach Jabłoński fulfillment of the contract, I will become his natural successor.  Club authorities decided that the club can "raise" a coach on their own and it won’t hire coaches whose names are in the coaching merry-go-round for years.

However, this plans haven’t been completed. Poor results during the spring round of 2002/2003 season caused the dismissal of the coach Jabłoński and his partners, including me. The position of the first coach was again given to Stefan Majewski.


Quote of the Week

"A boy will not become a football player if his dad drives him to the training, picks him up after it and washes his shorts and shirt. This way you will not mould a character"

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